Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Decorate with your Collectible Treasures

Most collectors don't even think of themselves as collectors.
When most people think of collectors they think of people with homes filled with so much junk there is little room to walk through. There are literally millions of people who decorate their homes with beautiful decorative collectibles. Sellers will store most of their collections, but many can be beautifully and very safely displayed and enjoyed before selling.
When we got our rockwell collectile plates, we walked into this little house in the country. It was small but beautifully decorated with Rockwell plates on special felt lined shelves on the wall and Rockwell figurines and other collectibles in glassed in cabinets. All his collectibles were well cared for and displayed for his pleasure and others. I was in another home where all the collectible dinnerware and silverware etc. was carefully displayed with other treasures in a formal diningroom. That room was only used on special occasions, but the table was always set to show off the ladies decorative collectibles. Collectibles are to be enjoyed.

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