Friday, July 27, 2007

What will you make, sell, or buy this Christmas?

Yes it is time to start thinking about Christmas. Ealc is just one place that is promoting Christmas items and collectibles are great for Christmas gifts too! This is especially true if they are in their original boxes and in great condition. However some buyers are looking for unique hand crafted items that say I care enough to devote my time and efforts for you. Then some buyers are looking for patterns and supplies to make these very special gifts.

Monday, July 16, 2007

What is a collectible antique?

By definition an antique is something 100 or more years old, yet when I visit the local antique shops I often see things for sale which are far less than 100 years old. I will often say, oh I have this or I have that. Many of these items bring back fond memories of long ago times, but at the same time many of them are not really antiques but are older vintage and sometimes even younger vintage items. I like to find out the dates for the things I find or sell. It is really a fun way to learn history. Visiting antique stores whether brick and mortar or online is fun as well. If you find a genuine antique, 100 years old, and keep it and love it then it must be an antique collectible. right? Check here for our newest news and updates.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Christmas in July Sales

EALC Christmas in July Sales are ending today with many sold listings but it is not too late to shop early for Christmas. In our store we offer combined shipping as well and Paypal to make it easy any time.
What do collecibles sellers list for Christmas in July Sales? Why not shop for Christmas early. Prices are down. There are more sales promotions and many collectibles are also new or like new items. Some people love to get old collectibles like Vintage or Antiques as well. Why not artisan made items or supplies for making these special personalized gifts. Let's use our imaginations and get creative to find those special unique collectibles. For more ideas and interesting reading you may like to visit these squidoo sites. If you are a jewelry artist, crafter, designer, or just love unique jewelry check this one out The Art of Jewelry Designing for a 15% discount on all Rachel's Design Jewelry, and more.