Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Collectible Artisan Jewelry Etc.

What makes an artist works collectible? Every artist starts out in the same way, with a passion for art that can surpass even the need for making a decent living. They just love art and design. We once tried to discourage our budding artist saying sh would be a starving artist and indeed many artist done become popular until after their death. Some artist go to college and study design, as is the case with our budding artist, Rachel.
As a child Rachel loved art more than anything and aspired to have a shop of her own one day. She would make her own jewelry from any materials she could find. She went to work and began spending part of her earnings on art lessons learning all she could about painting green ware. She learned to make green ware with her own molds saving every penny she could to buy materials for her projects. Then she began to put herself through college studying design. She is still primarily a self taught artist and designer but with her drive I believe she can achieve her dreams. I have just given you a short biography for the designer of Rachel's Designs. To see more of her work and the work of other passionate designers check out our forum at Jewelry Designs or go to Penney's Collectibles to see what she has to offer.