Wednesday, December 13, 2006

All That Glitters

Ealc has posted their All that Glitters Contest going on from Dec 11 through 18. If you like jewelry you can see a lot of great deals but it is more than that. I have been researhing a lot of vintage sterling silver. I have just learned that Taxco Mexico is a town famous for silver. Not all silver is the same. Tell us your interesting silver facts. Visit our forum for discussions on all kinds of Jewelry from designer to costume and new to vintage and antique and much

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Collectibles Online Buying and Selling Tips

So you want to buy or sell collectibles online! Here are some things you need to know before you start.
1. Learn all you can about your collectibles. There are books available and a number of online sources for information. We have a new forum for discussing our favorite collectibles.

Visit my Gifts and Collectibles Forum for helpful tips, tricks, advice, etc.


* Do research to properly ID your item for the search engines. As a seller you should know what you are selling to give your buyer the best chance of finding what they are looking for in a search. I have often heard buyers exclaim over their newly purchased treasure. "These sellers just don't know what they have."
I have also seen sellers selling obvious fakes. This is something you really need to gaurd against as a seller.
* Use pictures in an auction. Items rarely sell with only one picture. Make sure your pictures are clear and have a magnified picture of makers marks and any defects.
* Be honest to a fault about what you have to offer. Don't exagerate either by enhancing your pictures or with words. It is better to lose a buyer than have an unhappy buyer so do describe everything and don't forget sizes or weight.
* Strive for fair shipping both for you and your buyer. A small handling charge will help to keep you from losing on shipping expense, however buyers really hate "excessive" shipping.
Buyer Tips
One of the first things I look at when deciding whether or not I will buy from a seller is their feedback! It is however difficult for new sellers to gain feedback so It is a good idea to also buy a few things especially if you are new to selling. You should start out with small purchases. Ask the seller questions. If they are quick to answer questions and friendly then they will probably give good service. Read the listings carefully and pay special attention to shipping cost and terms of service. If you are buying something that is usually marked, be sure there is a picture of the mark. If the seller can't or won't show the mark and it matters to you then go on to the next seller!
Have fun with listing. If you have fun your buying will enjoy your listing more.
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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Buying and Selling Small Collectibles

Some small collectibles may be considered worthless by some because they won't bring in the big bucks. Take for instance this old yellowed Simplicity Pattern It might well wind up in a land fill. Few people sew anymore. But for the collector who remembers mom using a pattern like this or someone who decorates with vintage and antiques, it might be a real treasure. Despise not the day of small things.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

What's Collectible

What is collectible? Or why do we collect things? What makes an item collectible or not so collectible? Remember Beanie Babies and Care Bears? How about the beautiful Norman Rockwell Plates? We have learned a few things about collecting and selling collectibles. First it is fun. What you think is collectible probably isn't or won't be tomorrow. If it says it is collectible, it often isn't. What you think will sell usually won't and what you think won't sell gets all the bids. Why do we collect things. Often it is for the memories. Grandma had one just like this. It is a sentimental thing. Sometimes it is for the beauty as in collecting beautiful artwork and glass. Sometimes it is for the history. We love to learn about the things we find. Sometimes it is for the adventure. What really neat and unique old treasure can you find?