Monday, June 25, 2007

What to do about The Summer Slump - Tips

At this time of year every year we here the complaints in the selling community! My store isn't getting enough traffic. Looks like my store has become invisible! It was doing good before. Well daah. Every business has its slumps and for the online community it comes in the summer when more people are getting outdoors and vacationing and entertaining children who are off from school.
So what do you do when the dreaded slump hits your e-store?
1. This is a great time to work on your store, re-evaluating your inventory, researching what is selling and what is not. Make it the best it can be for those who do get online and for the selling season.
2. Find new ways and places to advertize so that your store gets seen. Here is a new page I have started Let me know what you think.
3. Join a forum and try to help other online sellers.
4. Have a web page to link back to your store, give some information, and show off some products.
5. Discussion boards are also a great place to help others.
6. Have an rss feed of your store and blog.
7. Don't forget to ping your feeds to keep them fresh
For more information on feeds and blogs you may want to visit here
8. Learn a little html and get prepared. Seasons do change and when people can find what they are looking for they will come.

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Jill said...

Great tips and a good idea to do some of this type of work during the summer slow-down!